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Young Genius - Australia.
Two words - Young Genius This basically sums up the sound, the concept, the lifeblood and direction of this fresh new ultra hip youthful trans continental pop act. A chance meeting of successful Swedish producer/keyboardist Harald Erici and Australian guitarist/singer songwriter Jamie Durrant has recently grown into a great friendship and song writing collaboration/recording project. Now in its halfway stage, Young Genius the band, the sound, and now the album is returning colourful intelligent pop back to the hearts and minds of the world.

Do you remember powerful intelligent pop? Are you following this direction? Think Bowie, think U2, think eerie synth floating around your head, twisted drunken guitars, Idol power punch drums and vocal a la Keith Forsey; all shimmering in a new world; one that is painted with a blood red sky. This is genius at work. We cannot forget how great music changes our daily lives, how remembering a great song can gift us of a happy past or hope for a new day. This is the kind of music and emotion that Young Genius are creating now.

Harald Erici
Harald Erici is one that the girls seem to flock around. Let's paint a picture of him. A tall handsome music maniac who loves a good cigar and a dark brooding C# key played hard; (you know the ones that only sound good played on those late 70's chunky organs). Harald is a true musician, a true writer, and one with a gift. A family background of cattle & sheep farming upon the lowlands of Sweden offered Harald a spiritual gift, at touch with the land, local traditions and musical heart. It's amazing how Harald has such a strong pop sensibility, as he is equally at home composing orchestral pieces with massive instrumentation and high contrasting mood. This talent cannot be denied, music is an existence, a love and opportunity to this guy. Abba, Cardigans, Atomic Swing all have something in common here, no doubt it is Harald's Genius production input after working within the studio culture and musical breeding ground of Stockholm.

A world away, record producer/guitarist Jamie Durrant kick backs in a local restaurant in his home town of Benalla (Australia); sharing a bottle of Pizzini wines Sangiovesie with Ella & Jess Hooper of multi platinum 'Killing Heidi' fame. Jamie Durrant is a well-known hard working Australian musician. He has 'done his time'. Having released several independent hits with his former long time band Degenerates/Penny Safari, Durrant also lives and breaths music. It has recently been said that the new musical partnership between Durrant & Erici is a gift or a happening that creates magic. You will hear this magic in the music. Durrant, who first discovered and released Killing Heidi (among other chart topping bands) on his underground label Bent Records is amazed to hear the news of restaurant owner Tina Erici Williams bragging about the musical skills of her brother. Flying into the country to perform for a host of summer events the meeting between Erici & Durrant would mark a New World for the two.
Jamie Durrant

Two weeks (and a few more reds) later Harald and Jamie jumped into the local Bent Records vintage Neve studio to put together 'Song #1' in under half an hour. This led to a weeklong recording session and a final agreement to commit to producing a complete album within the space of two months. Making a huge mark and 'waking' the small country town of Benalla, the final mix of 'Song #1" exploded upon several hundred Benalla locals. Cafes, clubs, pubs and bars are currently all playing Young Genius; and national radio, Internet and community music networks have grasped onto the band's first creation; a release that has been 'out there' via mp3 e-mailings and sales via Durrant's CD burner.

Dig it, its hip, its Young Genius:

  SONG # 1 (full version)  


Lyrics & Music © 2001 Erici/Durrant
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